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Born to Windsurf White / Blue

Born to Windsurf White / Blue

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The Indian Face® caps are recognized and marketed in more than 30 countries. Do you think it's casualty? #BORNTOBEFREE


Your cap defines who you are and the character you carry inside. We present our The Indian Face® caps inspired by the sports that identify us as a brand and as a philosophy of personal life. With cotton front and mesh back. Adjustable Snapback closure to fit any head size. A classic inspired by the 80s and 90s. Our trucker caps are structured with a curved visor. They are perfect to accompany you on your trips with a unique style.
Sports caps have become a symbol of the sports with which they are associated. They identify you as a person and how you live life, they are more than a complement, they are your identity as a person.


Unisex size for men and women
Adjustable rear closure with "Snap-Back" system
60% cotton / 40% polyester
trucker style
5 Panels
curved visor
IMPORTANT: Never wash in a washing machine, you must always wash them by hand

A trucker cap also known in English as a "gimme cap" or "feed cap" is a classic-style cap but with a grid on the back. The style of trucker caps was born in the 60s when in the United States the drivers of trucks that transported cattle began to use them. Trucker caps practically became part of a trucker's work uniform. They were his hallmark, the seal of authenticity of a professional transporter.
Currently they have become a hallmark of current fashion that not only fulfills the function of protecting you from the sun but also gives you a touch of identity. To this day, there are few celebrities in the world of fashion and sports who have not appeared with a mesh cap in all kinds of environments, both in summer and winter.

The need to practice sport is something that every day is spreading more and more in all countries and all cultures of the world. The need to feel better, to let off steam and free yourself from the daily problems of everyday life, make sports practice a life partner for more and more people.

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